Friday, March 02, 2007

"Sacrificed" not "Wasted"

"Wasted" is our communal Freudian Slip. We know the politically correct term is "sacrificed" but in our heart of hearts we know the true word is "wasted." We don't want to believe it, that thousands of young American men and women are dying and coming home missing arms and legs for a cause and a people not worth fighting for. Barak Obama was the first presidential candidate to make the faux pas. McCain the latest. It just slips out. One way or the other, the truth has always had a way of making itself known. Steve Martin once said "Comedy isn't pretty." Neither is the truth. Perhaps that's why Justice wears a mask.

"Universal Soldier" is Native American Buffy Sainte-Marie's gift to the world. It's the antiwar song. Donovan's YouTube version, while powerful, can't touch Ms. Sainte-Marie's. If you want to hear and see her sing the song, play this video:

Although you'll have to sit through a short introduction you'll be able to hear a voice that will cut through your jaded psychic body armor right to your soul. Oh, yeah, if neither version touches your soul and brings tears to your eyes, you've been listening to rap too long.

Finally, if you haven't signed the petition to end the war on this site, now is as good a time as any.

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