Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Miami in Top Five Cities in the World for International Arbitration

Ourselves...According to the Miami Herald, Miami is one of only five cities in the world capable of handling international arbitration thanks in part to the large number of local law firms specializing in that discipline. Most international business contracts include arbitration clauses that dictate where the arbitration will occur if necessary and under what rules, such as those defined in the Florida International Arbitration Act. Many of those contracts dealing with Latin American companies are listing Miami above the other four cities: New York, Paris, London, and Geneva. Not bad company. And it will only get better when more choices in the arts and theater become available because having access to the sun and the sea will only take you so far-- even though the "other four" will never be able to compete in that area. Once the mega yacht marina opens on Watson Island's Island Gardens, corporations with yacht worthy CEO's will flock to Miami with arbitration taking place in their staterooms. Mark our words.

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