Friday, March 09, 2007

MVB Downtown Miami Baseball Stadium Plan Endorsed by SotP!

It's nice to be endorsed. MVB at times feels like a "voice in the wilderness." We rarely get feedback. Although our downtown Miami baseball stadium proposal has been characterized by some as something conceived by a "design student on 3 tabs of acid"* it's good to know that we are achieving our goal regarding the future of Miami and the Beaches: reaching out through the blogosphere to present a different point of view that will lead to discussion and hopefully incorporation of our ideas.

Please note MVB staffers have never met the talented guys behind the award-winning and respected Stuck on the Palmetto.

*Also please note the strongest stuff we imbibe today is a morning and afternoon rocket-fueled cafecito and, of course, intermittent mojitos throughout the day, the drink of choice at MVB.

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