Tuesday, March 06, 2007

International Toy Fair-- It Ain't in Miami

MVB has encouraged city leaders and those in real estate over a number of postings to make Miami the home of the toy industry. It began when the International Toy Center (ITC) in Manhattan lost its lease two years ago. Cities like Atlanta, Dallas, LA, and Orlando began sending delegations to the ITC to pitch them on moving. Last night the Toy Industry Association (TIA) voted to move the 2007 American International Fall Toy Show—the mass market show—to Dallas.

We believe a valid, single-minded effort on the part of the Beacon Council through a joint venture between Miami Beach, Miami and the County would have convinced the TIA to come to Miami.

It's a lost opportunity for Miami and the Beaches to show the international toy industry how worthy we are and what a great location south Florida would be for a permanent headquarters. Hosting the fall show would have made it easier to convince the TIA to move here. As it's been said before, you only get so many chances...

UpDate (3/16): It was revealed that "only Dallas and Atlanta presented complete proposals," to the TIA to move its mass market show out of New York according to TIA president Carter Keithley. Where was Miami and the Beacon Council?

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