Monday, December 10, 2007

Foreign Devils: How a South Florida filmmaker made a movie in China without them knowing about it

If you want to find the pulse of a city's creativity, check out its blogs. There you'll find its most creative. If they ever get together in one place like they did last night at a party hosted by Miami Beach 411 at Tuscan Steak, it's quite possible you'll meet this century's best poet whose alter ego writes a blog called Sex and the Beach. Or a rising guerrilla-style filmmaker named Avery Pack. Although not a blogger, he was the arm candy of a fellow blogger, the lovely Sara of All Purpose Dark. And he had an intriguing story to tell over a table of some of the best food ever served in oh-so-hip SoBe.

Avery just finished a no-budget picture shot in China called Foreign Devils. Using the simplest yet most sophisticated of technology to fool the Commies (the CIA could take note), Avery and his band of bros and a few gos (?) shot a feature film off-the-cuff and on-the-run right under the noses of the anal, freedom-hating bureaucrats running China. Posing as tourists (whom the Sino-feds won't touch), the group used off-the-shelf Hi-Def video cameras and wireless mikes to tell the story of friends spending their last days together in China. The recently completed film was edited back here in South Florida and its trailer teases you with scenes that promise to deliver way more than circumstance allowed. We love the filmmaker's audaciousness and admire his creativity and talent. We find the story behind the movie may prove to be a movie in itself someday. Perhaps it will after Foreign Devils wins the Best Picture Award for No Budget Movies at the 25th Miami International Film Festival where it will debut sometime during the Festival's February 28th to March 9th run.


sara said...

Hey Verticus, thanks for the vote of confidence - we haven't actually been accepted to the festival, but here's hoping. We'll keep you updated. Rest assured, you'll have a reserved seat at our South Florida premiere, wherever it may be.

Anonymous said...

I live your review of Tuscan Steak. This is my favorite restaurant.

latinbombshell said...

Wow, I'm beyond flattered, Verticus. Thank you.

I only got a brief introduction to Sara and Avery right at the end of the party. I didn't know about the movie, so thanks for posting this. Let's hope it makes it into the festival.

Anonymous said...

Regarding finding creative types behind the blogs, it's also a great place to find your angry wacos and losers too.