Monday, July 10, 2006

MVB's Favorite Local TV Show

El Show de Fernando Hidalgo is another reason why living in south Florida is such a blessing. Airing on our cable station at 7pm, we find it the best antidote for having just watched the national news. It never fails to put a smile on our face. The talk show comes with all the prerequisites including a hot band with over-the-top girl singers but it trumps the format with the addition of gorgeous dancing girls in thong bikinis. When the show does comedy sketches, Fernando Hidalgo seems to be channeling the late great Benny Hill-- or maybe Desi Arnaz. If you have never seen the show which airs locally on America TV 41, click the title to this post above. It contains a link to their website plus video clips which capture the flavor of the show. Too bad we don't know Spanish, we'd probably love it even more. Maybe someday the show will offer English subtitles. We can only hope.


Nereida Corona said...

Fantastic.. thanks a lot

willie panama said...

Fernando has help to increase my
career by inviting me many times on his show.

Willie Panama.