Friday, July 07, 2006

Get Gehry!

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Today (July 20th) I received an email (see below) from Gehry Partners thanking me for sending them a heads up about Miami choosing an architect or architects for the new $200+ million dollar art and science museums for Museum Park in downtown along the bay. It's nice to know that this little effort might be instrumental in getting Miami a signature piece of architecture it sorely lacks. As always, the rallying cry will be "Get Gehry!"

Thank you for your message. We will contact the Miami Art Museum to determine the status of their selection. Please send any additional information you have to my attention. Best regards,George Metzger Gehry Partners, LLP Original Message-----To: Subject: Message from

Comments: Miami-Dade County will soon be choosing an architect or architects to design their new art and science museums. The two hundred million dollar project is basically in the hands of the new leader of the Miami Art Museum, Terence Riley. I and a whole lot more people in south Florida would love to see your firm get chosen. In that regard, I have begun a grass roots rallying cry called "Get Gehry!" You can see part of it on my Miamicentric website (under MiamiMegaplex button). Mr. Riley will be making his choice very soon and I hope this heads-up will make your company proactive in soliciting the job.

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