Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Miami Bicentennial Park Soccer Stadium

MVB loves the PortMiami stadium proposal. Of all of the site options, it may not be the most logical, but it is the most exciting. Unfortunately, most elected mayors and commissioners, i.e., the ones that count, are against putting the 25,000 seat stadium at the port for a host of reasons which in one way or another will put the kabosh on the idea. 

That got us to thinking, why not consider putting it in the Bicentennial Park basin next to the AAA, home of the Miami Heat? Our proposal also suggests blocking off the deep basin from the bay, pumping it out and putting in a two or three story parking garage (NOAA and other boating depth charts show the slip has an average depth of 28-feet) where it is now and building the stadium over it. This design reclaims more open park space, something the city is in dire need. We would also suggest keeping the east end zone open to catch the bay breeze and NOT building any version of a roof. A roof will block views of the downtown skyline and interfere with the natural cooling that comes with the wind coming off the bay. This design hearkens back to the old roofless Orange Bowl with its open east end zone. This design also allows the slated river walk that will create a pedestrian-friendly walkway from the Miami River to the north end of Biscayne Bay in downtown Miami. Dockage would allow people to attend the games (or anything else inside the stadium-- like UltraFest*) by boat. The sublime design also incorporates the architectural idea that less is more. 

Update: 5/8/14
Since this idea made the scene, it has gotten rightly criticized for usurping limited park space. To assuage those who are against putting the stadium on the this site, why not accommodate them by turning the west facade into an urban mountain biking and hiking trail? Serpentine routes for bikes and hiking (with bridges/tunnels) through dense jungle forests of palms, colorful flowers, and native plants on a sloping in-fill towards Biscayne Blvd would be a totally unique and maybe even a global first. A gently sloping paved serpentine ramp with rest stops (and to die-for views) would also be available for the handicapped, elderly, and those just looking for a "walk in the woods." 

Update 5/21/14:
Today's Miami Herald ran an article about rare south Florida butterflies fighting to survive. May we humbly suggest that the bike/hiking trails mentioned above include plantings of native habitat to help these little guys survive. Scientists can try repopulating the species there as well as the "mosquito infested hardwood island in Biscayne National Park." It would be muy cool to see them flitting about the stadium mountain as you bike or walk through the urban jungle (see picture):

*UltraFest at the stadium would cut down on noise and keep the parks open for families and those not into the bacchanalia going on inside the stadium. It would also dramatically improve crowd control. 


Miami22 said...

I like 90% of this idea and the location if at all possible, but as far as the stadium features goes, it would have to be state of the art with a complete roof sheltering the fans from the elements. The soccer fans of Miami deserves a World class stadium, they don't need a stadium with a n open end without a roof like suggested. But again, the Bicentennial Park would be a fantastic 2nd option if at all feasible.

Verticus Erectus said...

Hey, we'll take 90% any day.